Say your prayers for Jessica Biel. The minister's daughter from 7th Heaven really needs 'em in New Line's bloody Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake (opening Friday). But we're curious: How does an actress find herself on the wrong end of a chainsaw? Let's ask her, shall we?

"It is so weird," the 21-year-old tells TV Guide Online. "I just think, 'Okay, now it is time that I do an acting piece that is going to be Oscar-worthy.' I have all these ideas about what is going to come out next, and then something like this falls in my lap!

"Initially, I was very intimidated and very concerned about remaking this classic," Biel continues. "Then I read it, and it was great. And I met with [director] Marcus Nispel and he's great. Nothing like I ever expected. And it just happened. I never think, 'Oh, I've got to do a horror film,' or 'I've got to do an action movie' to get completely out of what I've done before."

Horror flicks have a very demanding pace for scream queens. Biel had to psyche herself up to keep on riding Chainsaw's physical and emotional roller coaster. "Every day," Biel says, "I would hit the set and I would freak out. I'd be in my trailer saying, 'Oh my god, I can do this.'"

Ironically, one of the film's freakiest scenes — which finds Biel hiding in a rat-infested closet — was the easiest for her to shoot. "I had no problem with the rats," she laughs. "I was actually the rat wrangler that day! They would go everywhere, and I was grabbing them by their tails and picking them up and bringing them back to the actual rat guys."