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Yeah, B----! Jesse Pinkman Could Appear on Better Call Saul

But don't get your hopes up too much

Tim Surette

Through three seasons, Better Call Saul has remained prudently conservative with its choices of Breaking Bad cameos, using mostly minor characters who fit well into the prequel's narrative instead of splashy characters used for fan service. The addition of villain Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) in Season 3 was Better Call Saul's biggest blast from the future, but because of his ties to Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks), it made sense and led to some of the show's best storytelling.

Still, Breaking Bad fans are wondering if any of the show's main characters will ever show up, even in passing, and franchise creator Vince Gilligan is here to tell you, "Maybe!"

Speaking with DigitalSpy, Gilligan reflected on Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), Walter White's (Bryan Cranston) partner in crime, and didn't rule out a Jesse sighting somewhere down the line in Better Call Saul.

Bryan Cranston, Jesse Pinkman; Breaking Bad

Bryan Cranston, Jesse Pinkman; Breaking Bad

Ursula Coyote/AMC, Ursula Coyote/Sony Pictures Television/AMC

"You never know if that character may get revisited in the future," Gilligan said. "Anything's possible."

While that may not seem like much, it's about in line with how producers treated questions of whether or not Gus would make an appearance, so there's precedent for non-committal answers to be true.

In other Pinkman news, Gilligan talked about where he thinks Jesse ended up after the finale of Breaking Bad. If you'll recall, Jesse was driving like a madman away from Walter's last stand, and where he was going no one -- not even Jesse -- knew.

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"There could have been police right around the next corner," Gilligan said. "Or there could have been an unfettered, free future for him. I personally would like to think he got away, because he paid his dues tenfold. I like to believe he got away. I don't really know in terms of what he should be doing as a career. I just hope he would get away, and meet somebody nice, and not be a criminal anymore and not face those horrors that he faced. I always liked that character. I always had a soft spot for him."

So... Jesse walks into an Omaha Cinnabon, perhaps?

Better Call Saul returns for Season 4 later this year on AMC.