Salacious talk-show ringleader Jerry Springer is headed back to (gasp!) college. He won't be a student, but a lecturer (and boy, can he tell you a few things about transsexual dwarves). Springer's Jerry Goes Back to School Tour hits nine cities starting Jan. 23, 2008 at Miami's Florida International University, and details his talker's most outrageous moments.

"It should be fun since [college kids] are the basis of our audience," Springer told TV Guide between tapings of his long-running Chicago-based series. "I like to speak at college campuses but I usually do it on political issues, so I thought it'd be fun to talk about the show."

Is this part of the new warm-and-fuzzy Springer spied earlier this year on Dancing with the Stars? Springer admits his public image softened with his stint on the ABC show because it "was the first time I've ever been on television as myself. I was always playing a role before &dmash; crazy talk-show host or mayor [of Cincinnati, Ohio] - and you adopt whatever that role requires." - Teena Hammond-Gomez