Jennifer Lawrence has spoken candidly in the past about the pressure placed on her to lose weight if she wants to keep working. However, while promoting The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 at Comic-Con on Thursday, the Oscar-winning actress said that while Hollywood's weight problem still very much exists, the attention shouldn't be focused on A-list stars like her, but rather all the actresses who are made to feel as though a few pounds are the only things blocking them from Hollywood success.

According to Vulture, when a reporter asked Lawrence if she thinks there will be more opportunities for actresses who run against Hollywood's narrow views regarding age and gender, Lawrence elaborated on the often-ignored truth about these debates.

"I would hope that there are more opportunities for women, but sometimes it's hard," she said. "I was just having a conversation with somebody about the struggles of weight in the industry, because they know that it's something I talk nonstop about."

Lawrence recalled that the person had questioned whether the industry did have a weight problem since the majority of major actors don't look underweight. "And I said, 'Yeah, because once you get to a certain place [in your career], people will hire you and they want you to be in their movie, so they don't care.' It's more about the struggle for the actors and actresses who haven't made it to a certain place.

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"I'm not really in a place where I can complain or speak to not getting enough roles, because I'm very lucky to have a lot of opportunities," the X-Men: Apocalypse star continued. "But I would be interested to hear someone who is not in two franchises answer that question."

Lawrence is exactly right. Because when you have an Oscar, two Golden Globes, countless hit films under your belt and are basically America's favorite actress - if not person - no one can really tell you dieting is your only path to success.

But even now, Lawrence revealed she isn't completely exempt from body-shaming. After the Mockingjay panel, Lawrence once again found her eating habits subject to outside control. "I did eat a panini and some cheese and crackers and a wrap," she told reporters at a press conference later that day. "I tried to grab French fries, too, and this stern lady swatted my hand away and said, 'No!' I thought, 'Wow, I haven't been talked to like that since the first movie came out.'"

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