Did Jennifer Garner forget that she left the stove on? The actress was in attendance for the 90th Annual Academy Awards when she had a sudden realization mid-clap. While we don't know what was on her mind in that hilarious moment, Twitter had a few ideas.

"When you're having a good time and realize you forgot to thaw the chicken for your mama," wrote former ESPN anchor Jemele Hill. Added another viewer, "Jennifer Garner just realized she forgot to take the chicken out the freezer."

We probably will never know exactly what Garner was thinking in that moment. (Maybe her seat mate Chris Messina does.) But really, isn't it more fun to speculate? Because at the end of the day, we're betting the truth of what caused Garner to go from polite clapping to that look or confusion is probably not even half as funny as what people are guessing caused this moment of realization.

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