All sorts of things bring people together — from shared interests and beliefs to work, culture, and religion. On the trippy new AMC drama Dispatches From Elsewhere, four strangers connect — perhaps by chance, perhaps not so coincidentally at all — when they discover a puzzle hidden in plain sight. But having a common goal doesn't necessarily make small talk any easier.

In this exclusive clip from Episode 2, Peter (Jason Segel) and Simone (Eve Lindley) get to know one another on a bus ride. Simone assumes Peter's job as a data analyst at a streaming music service must mean he likes music, but when she tries to figure out his taste, he doesn't give her much to work with.

"I don't really have a strong preference," Peter says. "If there's music on somewhere, I accept it."

As if that's not sweet and dorky enough, check out the clip above to find out the one CD Peter owns. Here's hoping Simone helps Peter take more risks as the show goes on.

Dispatches From Elsewhere, which Segel created, follows Peter as he tries to get his life out of a rut and winds up reaching out to the Jejune Institute, an organization that pursues unusual scientific studies like recording memories to media and communicating with dolphins. But the Jejune Institute and its founder, Octavio Coleman, Esq. (Richard E. Grant), may be more sinister than it appears, and suddenly Peter finds himself comparing notes with other seekers Simone, Janice (Sally Field), and Fredwynn (Andre Benjamin).

Dispatches From Elsewhere airs Mondays at 10/9c on AMC.

Jason Segel, <em>Dispatches from Elsewhere</em>Jason Segel, Dispatches from Elsewhere