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Jane the Virgin Boss: Jane's Choice Will Come with Its Own Complications

Get scoop on Season 2

Sadie Gennis

Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) will finally make her choice between her ex-fiance, Michael, (Brett Dier) and the father of her child, Rafael (Justin Baldoni). But since Jane the Virginis a telenovela, Jane getting married doesn't necessarily mean the aspiring writer will get her happy ending this season (it is only Season 2, after all).

To get the scoop on who Jane will be walking down the aisle with - plus the anticipated Britney Spears episode - TVGuide.com spoke with showrunner Jennie Urman.

Jane is a new mom when the show returns. What does that look like for her?
Jennie Urman:
I think it's a version of what new mom-hood looks like for everyone, except Jane's is compounded by the fact that she had this traumatic event at the beginning. I have young kids. I find that first little bit of being a new mom is just the craziest feeling. You're suddenly on a 24-hour-a-day schedule, and you're up every three hours, and every moment feels like Groundhog's Day, and you're just trying to get your bearings. Your whole world changes immediately. And you're very emotional, obviously. So Jane is going to go through all of that. And we try to combine in the premiere the bigger, fantastical moves of the telenovela with something real and grounded and emotional. And that's Jane's motherhood story.

Jane and Rafael had very different upbringings. How will they work together parenting Mateo?
That's going to come up a ton. The fact that they're so different, that they have different ideas about things and different backgrounds, different influences, is just going to give us an endless supply of conflict, which you always want in a TV show, and comedy, as well, as they try to adjust to each other's parenting styles.

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Jane is a very ambitious person. What steps will we see her take to pursue her career this season?
You saw at the end of Episode 22 that she applied to grad school. And you will find out whether she gets in or not, and based on that, she will be pursuing her writing. But that's a very important part of our arc this year: how Jane can go after her dream while being a new and still fairly unexpected mom. And that's a struggle I feel like is incredibly relatable and also really central to who our character is. How can she maintain a sense of self but also be a good mom? And how can she prioritize her dreams while still prioritizing Mateo? So we'll definitely be delving into that a lot.

Jane is getting married this season. But since fans are so split between Michael and Rafael, are you worried about the blowback no matter who the groom is?
Yeah, for sure. You have half the people say if she ends up with the other half, I'm not watching. I hope we can do it in a way that they feel Jane is making the right move for her. That's the hope. It's not who one would choose for one's self. I really do believe at the bottom of it all, everyone is Team Jane and they want Jane to be happy and figure things out and be successful. And we have faith in that. And it's a choice we wanted to make and we didn't want to stall forever because it's going to bring its own fresh complications.

When we see Jane choose between Rafael and Michael this season, will she stick to her decision, or is there a chance she'll change her mind one or more times before walking down the aisle?
How could I ever tell you that? It's too long of a journey, 22 episodes, so you'll have to watch and see.

Michael and Rafael really are both great. Do you prefer one or the other or try to remain impartial?
I always root for the underdog. So whenever we tilt too far towards one person, I start to feel and empathize with the other and want to build them back up. I like the triangle to feel as though you really could understand that they're both good choices. They're different choices, but good choices. Last year, after Jane and Rafael had such a romantic beginning, I became Team Michael because I had to build him back up. And we did that with flashbacks and reminded people what their relationship was like before the event. I just adjust as we start to tell the story.

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Xo (Andre Navedo) and Rogelio (Jaime Camil) drunkenly got married in the finale. What's next for their relationship?
They're going to have a great arc that is both personal and professional. Xo is having her 40th birthday this year and that's going to bring up certain goals that she wants. And she's going to be really pursuing her dream and trying to make things happen for her. For Rogelio, The Passions of Santos eventually is going to come to an end. It's the longest-running telenovela on Earth. And he is going to really try to figure out what his next move is because he finds it hard to move on from such an iconic part as Santos. So he starts to look for his passion project, which comes with its own complications and fun.

I'm obsessed with Michael and Rogelio's friendship. Will we get to see a lot more of them together?
For sure. You'll see it right in the premiere, definitely. There's some great stuff in the second episode. Rogelio has made no bones about the fact that Rogelio is firmly Team Michael and he's going to be really trying to help his horse win.

Will we get to see Rogelio bond with Rafael at all?
Yeah, I mean, they don't have that natural bond that Rogelio feels with Michael. But they will get closer, certainly, because they share Mateo and deep love for Mateo.

The immigration episode with Alba (Ivonne Coll) had such a strong impact, but she still doesn't have a green card. Will we see more repercussions of that this season?
Yeah, definitely. Right in the second episode we get into that again, and she makes some choices. Alba's pursuit of her green card is going to be a major arc this year that we really want to get into, especially now.

Petra (Yael Grobglas) is such an interesting character because she's very sympathetic, but she does these insane, selfish things. What can you tease about her storyline this season?
She's got a really good storyline. Petra is a character who I feel like we can have her do all these insane things as long as we understand why she's doing them. That's the only thing: I have to be able to understand it. If I can understand it, I can go down that road. So Petra opens the season with a big choice. She has this stolen sperm, and what does she do with it? And from there, things kind of compound. We're going to see a lot of people from her past resurfacing. We're going to learn interesting things about her life in the Czech Republic. And we're building to a very big cliff-hanger with her at the end of Episode 22.

I'm so excited to see Britney Spears this season. What will her episode entail?
She came in and filmed on Monday and she's coming back. And she was so amazing and so funny. We were all pretty excited. I can't tell you the reason she comes in because it's tied to a plot point. But once she's there, Rogelio gets wind of it and he has a very strong reaction to Britney being in town. And we learn that, according to Rogelio, Britney Spears is his nemesis. And they have an interesting backstory, different versions of the same event, that we'll explore. And I think that it's going to be a lot of fun.

Jane the Virgin premieres Monday at 9/8c on The CW.

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