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Jane the Virgin Boss on Jane's New Job, What's Next for Rafael and the Baby's Arrival

Plus: See what Gina Rodriguez said about her Golden Globe win!

Robyn Ross

It was a dream come true for Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez to win the Golden Globe, but her biggest hope is that the recognition brings more people to tune in.

"For me, the biggest blessing is the recognition for the show," Rodriguez told reporters at a Television Critics Association event for the CW show. "God willing, this brings more eyes, more viewers so that we can keep working hard to make people laugh and cry because that's I think what we all always want. That's all we want. And getting the second season the morning of was so empowering to know that, you know, Leslie Moonves and [CBS Studios president] David Stapf and [CW president] Mark Pedowitz believed in us prior to any win regardless. And that, I think, brought a lot of stress-free nature of the whole day. It was just like, we believe in you regardless. You made it this far. We're going to keep going."

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Like Rodriguez, her character Jane is taking the next step in her career. When the series returns, she has a great new job. But while one part of her life seems to be on track, everything else continues to be in disarray with Abuela (Ivonne Coll) in the hospital, an impending hurricane, not to mention the killer still lurking and a baby on the way. How will it all shake out? Executive producer Jenni Urman gives us the scoop:

A new job for Jane
Brace yourselves: Jane is going to take a shot at writing for Rogelio's telenovela! "She was always a romance writer ... and when you have a character that's a writer, you're always looking for more active ways to demonstrate than sitting and scribbling. It felt like her love of the telenovela and her connection to her father would lead us [to her working on his show]," showrunner Jenni Urman said. But how does Jane like working with her over-the-top father? "Rogelio wants the absolute best for Jane because she's the absolute best in the world because she has his DNA! But Rogelio is a lovable narcissist ... even though he says these ridiculous things, you can see he means well."

Rafael and Jane's next step
Now that Petra's true identity has been revealed, Jane and Rafael no longer have to fight her for the baby. So instead, they'll just start fighting with each other. "The biggest hurdle they have to get over is not the external, it's how different they are," Urman told TVGuide.com. "They started this relationship in such a backward way, having a baby and then getting to know each other, so I'm looking for more real issues to challenge them. At the same time, there's always going to be those other telenovela soapy elements that are external complications."

But what about Michael?
Michael might want to move on, but so far he can't. "Michael loves Jane and a lot of our show is about the fairy tale meant to be," Urman said. "Every character has that character they're meant to be with and that person can shift. Petra, at the bottom of her gut, thinks it's Rafael. Michael and Rafael think it's Jane, Jane thinks it's Rafael at this point. I like [these triangles] because it allows me to connect with the character and feel where their heart is, so when we take these more wild, soapy turns, I still know what the underpinning is." Urman also hinted at a new love: "At a certain point, there's a surprising bromance between Michael and Rogelio that I'm quite interested in."

The Sin Rostro mystery is coming to an end.
You might think you know who the murderer is - and at one point, Rafael will look awfully guilty - but you don't. "You'll know who Sin Rostro is in Episode 12, but you don't know how it'll twist things."

The baby is coming.
Expect to see a baby bump when the episodes return because yes, that baby really is coming, despite the creative hindrances that might come with it. "My God, there's so many stories that come [from babies]. I'm looking forward to telling those stories. To me, it's going to give us a whole bunch of fresh drama. And I think moms can be interesting, and I think they can be heartbroken. And I think they can be passionate. And there's some funny baby stuff. But I don't think when you become a mom, you've got your baby strapped on your side all the time."

So will Jane have sex then?
Short answer: no. "The plan right now is for Jane to have sex when she gets married," Urman says. "That's important to her. That's not something that we're going to throw away. I think we've all seen that, like, just because she's a virgin, she's not a prude! She's an interesting, fun person and this is something that's important to her, that she's traveled through, and is going to hold on to -- not that it won't be tested at various moments. But that's the plan." Adds Rodriguez, "Temptation is the reality. You see Jane go through that longing of understanding what that means and feels like and her desire to get married as well, but at the right time, not just to do it for the sex. I like that Jane is going to stick to it, but I am interested in when that's going to happen and what that's going to look like. Is it going to be the way she imagined? Is it going to be beautiful? Will it be the right person? Is it the man I'm pregnant with or is it the man who's loved me forever?"

Jane the Virgin returns Monday at 9/8c on The CW.

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