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Jane the Virgin: Jane's Wedding Is In Sight

Jennie Synder Urman tells us what's next

Megan Vick

[Warning: The below contains spoilers for Monday's Jane the Virgin! Read at your own risk!]

Monday's episode of Jane the Virgin was a jam-packed event that included Rogelio's (Jaime Camil) kidnapping, Petra (Yael Grobglas) giving birth to her twins, and Michael (Brett Dier) proposing to Jane (Gina Rodriguez).

The latter two are huge milestones for the sophomore season of the CW dramedy. The twins may be the key to Petra making the full transition from misguided "villain" to a full-fledged hero. Meanwhile, Michael's proposal puts the show right on track for the finale wedding everyone has been waiting for.

Since we're dealing with a telenovela nothing can set in stone, so talked to Jane creator Jennie Synder Urman to guide us through what happened and what we can expect in the upcoming weeks. See her answers below.

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We have an engagement! Can we breathe a little easier that Michael is the one walking Jane down the aisle?

Jennie Snyder Urman: It's a telenovela so there are always, always surprises, but we are definitely heading towards a Jane and Michael wedding.

Who is going to have the best and worst time with the news?

Urman: The best with the news is Rogelio, who would be so thrilled, except he's off in his story. [Jane's] whole family is ultimately going to be behind her. Obviously, Rafael (Justin Baldoni) isn't thrilled but at this point [Jane's] made it clear he has to move on and that's what he's going to do.

How much has Rafael backslid into his playboy ways and how much was coverup for his working with Michael?

Urman: The minute after all of this happened and he lost Jane, [Rafael] realized he has three kids. He's had no sex. He was going to sow some oats for a while. There's a sense of "Why am I being such a choir boy?" for him, but he hasn't gone off the rails. He now has different pressures than he did when he was a young single man. He has three kids so when Petra tells him to pull his s--t together, it really gets through to him.

What do Rafael and Petra need to do to be ready to be in a relationship again, whether it's with each other or other people?

Urman: Petra needs to feel that he's really over Jane. For Rafael, he does really need to get over her. That takes a while because he really saw in her his life and sort of a path for his life that he hadn't seen before. Part of him acting out is him trying to get over her.

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Will the babies help with that or will it exacerbate the situation?

Urman: Having babies changes dynamics, and it will theirs. The way Petra deals with being a mom that is very different from how Jane dealt with being a mom. The differences are going to continue coming up.

There's been a continuous comparison between Petra and Jane as mothers. Is Petra going to settle into her own way soon or will trying to "measure up" continue to be a problem for her?

Urman: Petra has different hurdles than Jane. It becomes apparent in the next episode what they are specifically. She has some twists coming up in her story and her character. Those are going to affect her motherhood plot and everyone's plot.

Is Rafael going to have a chance to confront/resolve his issues with his mother?

Urman: His mother is missing right now. They are trying to figure out where she is and who has connections to her. In [this episode] you meet his brother, so obviously the question is, Does his brother have a connection to [their] mother and did he know what was going on? Is Derek a part of that organization?

How is Rogelio going to be changed by this kidnapping?

Urman: It definitely does leave him with a scar, both an actual scar and a more figurative scar. It might make him more skittish and less public about all of his choices and life.

What can you tease about Pablo and his bad luck entering the orbit of the show?

Urman: You're going to get into it very quickly. Even if they don't have motives there are twists with their arrival and Pablo definitely fits into that. Alba really believes that he's bad luck so when he arrives the family is less superstitious than she is -- but there are a few events that happen that make them think that maybe Pablo is bad luck after all.

If you had to sum up the rest of the season in one theme, what would you say it is?

Urman: I would say, "happily ever after?"

Jane the Virgin continues Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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