Nicki Minaj and James Franco Nicki Minaj and James Franco

James Franco was the man of the hour on Saturday Night Live this weekend, hosting for the third time. Franco was in the studio to help promote his upcoming movie The Interview, and brought his co-star and palSeth Rogen along to help.

But the real treat was musical guest Nicki Minaj, who not only performed a couple songs, but also appeared in a few sketches, including one Weekend Update bit where she played Kim Kardashian.

Check out highlights below:

James Franco Monologue: Franco, with help from Rogen, pre-emptively leaks all his personal info and embarrassing photos before the big Sony hack can.

Star Wars Is Getting Kind of Old: The recent Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer gets updated, with all the major Star Wars characters much, much older.  

Kim Kardashian on Weekend Update: Nicki Minaj drops by as Kim K. to explain how those famous nude photos were misinterpreted. Warning: Hasty Photoshop and blurry lady parts!

Kid Mayor: Franco breaks character because he can't stop laughing as he plays the loser of a mayoral race to a four-year-old boy.

Peter Pan Live!Franco gets hooked up in this spoof of NBC's live musical.

Porn Stars With James Franco and Seth Rogen: Hey, sex puns are all over the place in this faux ad for a yacht company.

What was your favorite sketch?