In less than two years hosting The Late Late Show, James Corden has done a lot for us as a society, a nation and a species. He showed us what a Michelle Obama and Missy Elliott duet would sound like. He solved the Stranger Things and Parks and Rec parentage mystery. He even reminded us that sometimes David really can beat Goliath.

But this is the greatest thing Corden has done yet: bring back boy bands.

"Look, I'm aware that boy bands haven't gone away," Corden admitted to viewers on Tuesday. "But now, they just stand on stage wearing skinny jeans and Vans sneakers. And some of them - some of them - even have the audacity to pick up instruments. That is not what I want in a boy band! I want matching outfits, synchronized dancing and way over-budgeted music videos."

In order to usher in a new era of boy bands, Corden invited the Backstreet Boys to the stage to perform their classic hit "Everybody"with one small caveat: the host got to join the group as the sixth member. And you know what? He totally killed it!

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