One of Hollywood's most powerful filmmakers is picking an unusual venue to debut his next film: the Democratic National Convention.

James Cameron, the man behind such blockbusters as Titanic and Avatar, is screening his short film Not Reality TV in Philadelphia during the DNC to bring awareness to the dangers of global warming. And he'll have the star of the show backing him up.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is featured via voiceover in the film, warning, "As Americans, we face challenges head on. I'm not going to stand by and let anyone take us backward, deny our clean energy future, or hand our children a dangerous world wrecked by climate change."

Here's how you can watch the Democratic National Convention

Sigourney Weaver, who has appeared in Cameron's Aliens and Avatar and serves as narrator for Not Reality TV, will introduce the film and speak about the impact climate change is having on the planet and humans as the Democratic party aims to make climate change a focal point of the upcoming presidential election.

In promoting the film, Cameron called Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump a "madman" and "incredibly reckless and dangerous" when it comes to the topic of global warming, according to The Associated Press. Trump has repeatedly called climate change "a hoax," even as global temperatures have broken records for 14 straight months.

Maria Wilhelm produced Not Reality TV with Cameron. Other celebrities appearing in Not Reality TV include Don Cheadle, Jack Black, Arnold Schwarzenegger and America Ferrera.