No one can accuse JAG star Catherine Bell of not doing her part to support America's war on terrorism. It's safe to say that the 34-year-old actress's steamy spread in July's FHM did more to boost military morale than all of Bob Hope's USO tours combined! (No offense, Mr. Hope, but she's a work of art!)

That said, Bell confesses that it wasn't patriotism that motivated her to bare (almost) all in the men's monthly. "I wanted to show people that I'm not just the conservative character I play on JAG," she tells TV Guide Online, referring to her alter ego, Marine Lt. Col. Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie. "I wanted to get a different side of me out there. And it worked. People are finally going, 'Oh, we didn't know you looked like that.'"

Our nation's troops aside, not everyone embraced Bell's curves. "A couple of fans on my website were a little shocked," reveals the dark-haired stunner. "They were like, 'We're a little disappointed that she did this.' But I tried to let them know that I thought this was really classy; my whole concept was a '40s pinup thing."

And although CBS didn't bat an eye over the layout — "I saw [network president] Les Moonves the other day and he thought it was great," she says — don't expect to see Bell sporting a string bikini at the next military tribunal. That's not to say, however, that she won't be shedding her dress whites — especially since her flirtation with leading man David James Elliott seems to be heating up.

"I think that the relationship is going to take an interesting turn [this season]," she hints. "I can't say exactly what, but there will be some new developments there."