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Where should Michael Jackson be laid to rest? As his relatives debate where to bury him, they're storing his body in a crypt owned by Berry Gordy — and waiting for a coroner to return his brain, the New York Post reports.

Meanwhile, Jackson's father, Joe Jackson, tells ABC News he suspects the death "was foul play." He claimed no knowledge of drug use by his son, saying only, "Whatever he was taking, it was to make him rest because he was working so hard." Joe Jackson also said that Michael's children, who he said could one day be performers themselves, belonged with him and his wife.

Both Joe and Jermaine Jackson have said in interviews that they would like Michael to be buried at Neverland Ranch, despite local laws that appear to prevent such a burial. The Post says that Katherine Jackson would like her son buried elsewhere, in accordance with Michael's wish to never return to Neverland after his acquittal on child-molestation charges. The singer was accused of molesting a boy at the ranch.

Congressman calls Michael Jackson a "pervert" — what do you think? 

Other obstacles to burial also remain: Jackson's brain is still in the custody of the L.A. coroner pending the completion of further autopsy testing, according to several reports.

The crypt, purchased by the Motown founder for his family, is at the Forest Lawn cemetery in the Hollywood Hills, where a private funeral service for Jackson took place on Tuesday.