The first trailer for iZombie Season 4 is here, which is only going to make the wait for new episodes that much harder because this looks AMAZING.

Now that zombies are public knowledge, Liv (Rose McIver) doesn't need to hide who she is anymore, nor does she necessarily need to use the morgue as her own personal grocery store since packaging human brains is apparently a booming business in Seattle now.

However, the freedom of being an out-and-proud zombie does come with a cost: the city of Seattle has been completely walled in, not allowing any zombies or humans out of the city limits. And while Blaine (David Anders) is seemingly relishing in The Scratching Post's exponentially expanded clientele, Major (Robert Buckley) is struggling with how to prevent the formation of zombie street gangs. Yes, you heard that right. Zombie street gangs. (God, I love this show.)

But I'm sure none of these is the main issue on your mind right now. I'm talking, of course, about the question of whether or not Ravi (Rahul Kohli) is a zombie after he decided to use himself as a guinea pig in his latest quest for the cure. Based on the preview, Ravi isn't showing any signs of the tell-tale pale skin or hair (although that is easily remedied thanks to a good dye job and makeup), but he is seen chowing down on some brains. Something tells me the good doctor is still human though, and that brain nibble is a major red herring — or at least I hope.

Another big mystery the trailer fails to answer: where the @#*% is Jason Dohring? Chase Graves was a major player in zombies going public, so where is he now? Has he gone underground? Is he too busy being jealous of whoever that guy Liv was making out with to make an appearance in this promo? I demand answers!

Sadly, we might have to wait until iZombie returns to find out. Season 4 premieres Monday, Feb. 26 at 9/8c on The CW.

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