When iZombie returns, Liv (Rose McIver) will face her biggest challenge yet: keeping zombies a secret after the Max Rager bloodbath.

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As you might imagine, hiding the truth about a handful of murdered homeless kids is a far cry from covering up a much-publicized massacre at an energy drink party. And based on what we've heard, when an eyewitness comes forward, it doesn't take long for people to begin throwing out the Z-word.

This is a nightmare for Liv, who will do whatever it takes to keep the existence of zombies under wraps. But as more and more people get involved with the Max Rager case - not to mention Vivian Stoll and Fillmore Graves' plot for a zombie uprising - it may prove to be beyond her control.

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Malcolm G. Goodwin and Rose McIver,<em> iZombie</em>Malcolm G. Goodwin and Rose McIver, iZombie