There's a lot going on in CW's iZombie.The good thing is, it's all amazing.

The series, from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas, follows Liv (Rose McIver), a former med student-turned zombie-turned coroner who uses the psychic visions from the brains she eats to help solve crimes. She's joined by her boss and budding friend Ravi (Rahul Kohli), who attempts to cure her zombie-ism with the excited fascination of a child who just discovered he can make noise by banging things together, and Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin), a rookie police detective who's more than willing to use Liv's unorthodox abilities to get his first collar. Then there's Major Lilywhite (Rob Buckley), Liv's ex-fiancé with a name as ridiculous as he is normal.

Veronica Mars: Where are they now?

But this is only beginning to scratch the surface. In the video above, the cast of iZombie breaks down exactly who these characters are and what to expect from the new series. And if McIver, Kohli, Goodwin and Buckley can't charm you enough to tune in to the premiere (Tuesday, 9/8c), then maybe you're the zombie because you're clearly heartless.

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