So even though I've pretty much been running around the house yelling "Liar, liar, pants on fire!" every time James opened his mouth in the last few weeks, I've got to give him credit for finally coming clean. Mousy little Sarah convinced him to tell the truth, at least about their alliance. Though the only shock was that they were dating and not brother and sister, their revelation pretty much paved the way for a huge coup. I'm so proud of Kaysar the Outcast for helping to overthrow Eric and his sheep-y minions, who thought they would just spend the summer sitting on the couch and picking off people who annoyed them. Well, this is a game, and it looks like someone finally let go of the pause button and hit fast-forward instead. Howie actually put it the best; his analysis was that it was like the Jedi Council going against the Sith Lords. Hopefully the Jedi wannabe can keep his partner, Rachel, from going over to the dark side. She seems to be the only wild card that could turn in Eric's favor, unless Eric can convince James or Sarah that K is playing them in the few days before the next eviction, which seems unlikely. And much as Ivette irritates me, she's good for some comic relief, like her take on her chess abilities "What do I look like, Bobby Fischer?" Her other great outburst was when she discovered that James chose her nemesis Janelle for the Power of Veto competition and realized that she was a pawn with no control: "I was probably more in shock today than my mother was when she found out I liked girls." Ah, I just can't wait to see if her nonstop motormouth can come up with something to top last year's "Karma Electra."