So much about Temptation Island 2 is unbelievable that it's hard to say what, exactly, is the biggest shock. Could it be the fact that, even knowing the he- and shenanigans that were destined to take place, four more committed couples signed up for mutually sanctioned singlehood? Perhaps it's the seemingly endless supply of hard-bodied professionals who are not only willing but eager to go one-on-one with a budding two-timer? Or, how about those ratings, lower this year than last, even though instances of sinfulness have risen to an orgiastic, all-time high? Nah. For our money, the most stunning development of the Fox series's second season (airing Thursdays at 9 pm/ET) has been the revelation of fresh-faced femme fatale Hilary Mills's jealousy. Though cast as a reality-show relationship spoiler, the perky blonde seductress nonetheless turned green with envy upon catching her crush — Catherine's boyfriend, Edmundo — canoodling with a couple of other hotties at a poolside free-for-all. "Hello?! He's there to play the swinging bachelor!" we wanted to yell at her. And when the good-natured 24-year-old grad student rang up TV Guide Online, we pretty much did just that.