Isaiah Washington by Craig Sjodin/ABC Isaiah Washington by Craig Sjodin/ABC

You know, the moment I first saw the new promo I sensed trouble. Isaiah Washington, who is currently lensing a movie in New Orleans, reportedly was taken aback to see himself featured (via a newspaper clipping that raises Cristina's barely-there eyebrows) in the spot promoting the May 8 ep of Grey's Anatomy.

Noting that "Isaiah has no plans to go back" to the series, the actor's rep tells TMZ, "We were more than a little surprised that ABC used his likeness in a promo... and indeed advanced his character's storyline." (Dr. Burke is the recipient of an high honor that throws his former fiancée for a loop.) Adds the spokesman, "Mr. Washington's attorney has contacted the Screen Actors Guild and ABC as to the appropriateness of that action."

And just like that, folks, it's spring 2007 again. Let's get commenting! - MWM