With Game of Thronesnow over, former cast members have been paying tribute to the series left and right, talking about what it's meant to them over the last decade. Just about all of these sentimental posts have been shared on social media, whether it's on Instagram, Twitter, or both. But clearly living up to the weird vibe he's been giving off on-screen for two seasons now, Isaac Hempstead Wright decided to write 2,000+ words in The Hollywood Reporter instead. That tracks.

In his long essay, the actor muses over what it's meant for him to play Bran Stark over the last 10 years, and how the experience has changed him as a person. He also talks about how hot it was on set, compares the actors to the Beatles, and explains why Game of Thrones is so loved. The whole thing is worth a read if you want to spend a little bit more time with Bran the Broken, but if you're just looking for the best highlights, here are the 13 most interesting things he writes, completely taken out of context. And by "interesting" we mean "weird."

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1. "After a brief stint trying to make it in my local football team (it is fair to say the Premier League won't be calling any time soon), I traded Saturdays outside in the cold for the warm environs of my local drama club."

2. "My drama teacher noticed that I might have the makings of a child actor."

3. "Sending your child to work hasn't been very fashionable since the Victorian times."

4. "I found myself getting frustrated when I effectively watched my [fictional] older siblings getting to go out and grow up while I was still being chaperoned by my mother."

Isaac Hempstead Wright, <em>Game of Thrones</em>Isaac Hempstead Wright, Game of Thrones

5. "HBO also booked out every single room with a possible view of what we were shooting so that nobody could take any covert photographs. We were also accompanied by a top security guard who arranged every move we made as though we were secret service agents on some mission abroad."

6. "One thing I can say about Thrones with confidence is that I have never, ever been in a comfortable temperature."

7. "Masses of people were screaming and shouting and pressing their faces against the car window hoping to catch a glimpse of one us. It was like being one of the Beatles at the height of Beatlemania."

8. "What was nice about that final shot was that it was a very long wide, and so we needn't have run through the whole 10 minutes of dialogue — but we did."

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9. "The sun was just setting, and as I walked through ancient Roman ruins in the dying sun, I thought about how this empire was now at its end. This great monolith in my life that had been a yearly source of fun and familiarity was to be no more"

10. "It drove home to me the reason we do what we do, the reason we sit out in the heat in strange costumes saying made-up words: people love to watch Game of Thrones."

11. "Bran may have been "dead" to me at that point, but he lives on in the intangible realm of the televisual world and in the hearts and minds of fans worldwide."

12. "In that, I think Bran presents a valuable reminder to us all in this day and age where sensationalism is rife and anybody can voice an opinion to millions, to sit and consider things a little more carefully."

13. "But Thrones is at its best when it does things that hurt us."

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