InvasionI was so amped for this, you guys. Probably the most cryptic of the episodes. Sure we know everything now, but we so don't. This is why the people whose names we do not speak are worthy of us speaking their names. That's right, whoever they

are, I applaud their storytelling, and I do that whistle thing with my fingers when they mix the story up to save money and take vacations and let us simmer in the quandary they have left us in. I mean, these reruns give us time to reflect, to hear that line we missed, to realize the hidden agendas, to laugh at what they think we don't already know, or... don't know.

Clearly I've been through a hurricane recently. This is nonsense. Reruns suck, but perhaps they do serve a higher purpose. When all these series come out on DVD, I think they should have some sort of "watch-protect," where you have to wait a week between watching episodes. Then, sometimes a disc will get stuck and force you to watch an old episode, because if there's one thing tonight's episode taught me, it's that you missed something in that old episode. And you want to see it. You want to go watch all the other episodes again. You want to figure it out. Well, you won't. Not until they want you to.

Tonight's highlights:

  • Jesse to bleeding Mariel: "Oh my god. Whu... what is wrong with you?"
  • "Larkin to Russ, come in Russ": When asked by her stepdaughter, Rose, why they needed another baby, Larkin Nextels Russ at work to have him answer. Boo.
  • Um, I forgot Mariel was totally dead.
  • That girl Christina was a freak.
Darren Sirkin