Well, so much for my "peaceful takeover" theory. And how! It sure was great to see this show come back from hiatus in full force. First, we got the alien "support group" really supporting some guy to the ground... and the emergency room. Then Mariel supported my conclusion that she is not hot by getting all crazy mad and vein-y and fang-y at Russ

. Then Russ and Uncle Dave supported the theory that these are aliens, they are trying to invade, this show has a point, and we're getting closer to it. Somehow, without my noticing, this show came back and answered the perfect number of questions, evolved into a mature sci-fi intrigue magnet, and managed to retain its charming creepiness. Wait, I was supposed to be talking about force, not support. Well, what the hell, I support this show now, and I used to be forced to watch it.

Come on, we still have our unanswered questions, creepy locked doors, one-armed guys and naked baths with hot blonde girls (oh, my god). But, um, now there's a more meaningful air to the show, like they're getting to something. I felt like I saw just enough of every character. I care about characters whose names I didn't previously know. Maybe they found their stride, or maybe that was just a really good episode. We had some strong adult themes, some cool fossils, girls in bikinis, good science, moral battles, some scripture, porn sound bytes and it even made me actually gasp out loud when I saw that newspaper article about the hot blonde girl in the bathtub. Sorry, Jesse, it doesn't count as a hookup if the girl was actually dead. Darren Sirkin

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