On April 22, two visually marvelous, operatically violent genre-bending shows will start new seasons, but only one of them is any fun to watch. While Westworld's robots are pondering what it means to be human or whatever on HBO, Into the Badlands will have good old-fashioned nonstop ass-kicking action over on AMC.

The dystopian kung-fu thriller is back for Season 3, and TV Guide has an exclusive clip that shows what's in store. Sunny (Daniel Wu), who's been hiding out in the Badlands taking care of his infant son, gets tracked to the broken-down RV he's living in. And then he fights his way out.

The RV setting may call to mind a certain other AMC series, but Into the Badlands co-creator Al Gough says the resemblance to Breaking Bad is purely coincidental. What it actually is an example of is how the show is pushing forward with types of fight scenes it hasn't done before, both in terms of style and emotion. Gough says that the fights this season have higher emotional stakes than ever before.

Gough compares the style to the claustrophobic martial arts classic The Raid, which is "much more down-and-dirty and bloody" than the graceful swordplay we usually see, and the brutal intimacy of the fight expresses Sunny's desperate emotional state.

"That's really what a father will do to protect his son," says Gough.

Westworld is about robots, who don't have fathers.

Into the Badlands Season 3 premieres Sunday, April 22 at 10/9c on AMC.