<EM>Beauty and the Geek</EM> Beauty and the Geek

I was initially skeptical about this special, which seemed like an obvious ploy to squeeze one more Wednesday night out of this summer social experiment. But it turned out to be pretty entertaining and reminded me how much I loved adorable little Joe. They set out to answer a bunch of lingering questions: Are Erika and Brad dating? The answer is no, but Erika says she's been waiting for cold-sore boy. Would Mindi really make out with Richard? Yes, but the sweet-as-pie gal looked befuddled when she found herself in that predicament on national TV. She paused only a minute before she gamely went for it, and maybe even slipped some tongue. Are Chuck and Scarlet still an item? Nope, but she considers him a good guy. Is Chuck really that pompous? Well, if it wasn't clear from his dating comment in the interview my cohort Sabrina did the other day, then his remark that "I feel sometimes like my mind is larger than my head," really solidified his attitude in my mind. Is Joe still a virgin? Yup. And he might sell his virginity on eBay, though that spunky girl in the studio who asked him on a date might take care of his condition soon if he's lucky. But for all the questions that got answered, a bunch remain in my mind. Where's Eric? No one even addressed that issue. Was he that upset about being duped and called a geek on TV? Does Mindi have the hots for Shawn? There seemed to be a little bit of sparkage when she asked about his hair treatments. Why do all the women want to kiss Richard? Is it just to make him uncomfortable, or do they have a soft spot for the überdork? I don't know, but I'm not sure if I want to watch another season of this show. Will they be able to convince people to honestly admit to being a beauty or a geek? Well, I guess since the show was created by the king of Punking, he might be able to come up with some sort of scam. Oh, and my last rhetorical question: Could there be any cheesier dialogue than Brian McFayden's parting words "There's a little bit of beauty and geek in all of us"? These reality-show "writers" want extra money for dreck like that?