Miley Cyrus by John Shearer/ Miley Cyrus by John Shearer/

Contrary to rumors that the Mouse House was forcing its favorite child to lay low, Miley Cyrus is in fact set to perform Saturday at the Disney Channel Games in Orlando, Fla.

The show - which wraps a week-long charity event at Walt Disney World - comes on the heels of Cyrus' acknowledgment that she was "embarrassed" over photos from a Vanity Fair shoot that surfaced last weekend. The pics, which feature Cyrus in less clothing than her typical Hannah Montana attire, were widely discussed for their provocative nature. Intrigue surrounding the pics was so intense, in fact, that the volume of traffic temporarily crashed the VF site.

In terms of moving on, however, Miley may not have to worry as much as the photo fuss might make it seem. As one expert tells People, "The audience is going to let this one go. The parents are going to forgive and the kids are going to love her just as much." - Anna Dimond

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