Question: I'm a Reba watcher and would like to know if Christopher Rich is the same person who played a reporter on Murphy Brown. Thanks.

Answer: That he is, Patricia. The Dallas, Texas, native who portrays estranged husband Brock to Reba McEntire's Reba Hart on the WB sitcom played anchorman Miller Redfield on the hit CBS show from 1995 to 1997. Fans will recall that on the series, the newsman's job depended on style rather than substance. You also might remember him as Dr. Neil, a plastic surgeon who hung out at the bar with George Carlin's George O'Grady on Fox's short-lived The George Carlin Show, as Sandy on Another World or from his work in a variety of TV movies.

Or you may have caught him on the big screen. The actor has appeared in such films as The Joy Luck Club and Flight of the Intruder.