Last week audiences decided not to bring back Vonzell Solomon, aka Baby V., return to hit them with her vocal stylings one more time in the American Idol finals. The perky 20-year-old former Floridian mail carrier lost out to popular powerhouses Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice. So who does Baby V. have her money on to win?

"They are both really great performers and artists, so I really don't know," she demurs. "I'm just praying for them.

"We are all really good friends," she continues. "We are with each other every day. We go through all the stress together. You've just got to sit back and have fun and not let the stress get to you too much."

But two Tuesdays ago, on May 10, she did let the stress of something get to her when she broke down in tears after performing "How Do I Live." So what was so traumatizing? Was there a death or illness in her family?

"No, not at all," she insists. "It was nothing really serious, it was just that day for me was really emotional. I was stressed out and under a lot of pressure. I just kind of broke down when Paula asked me, 'How are you?' But it was nothing really serious; it was just a really tough day for me. Everything was going wrong for me."

So has it sunk in that she's off the show? "I still feel like I'm dreaming," she smiles. "I never really grasped it all since I came out here in February. It has been an awesome journey. But I still feel like I'm going to wake up and have to go deliver someone's mail."

And finally, what is with all her funky monikers? "All my life, my name has been very difficult for people to pronounce," Vonzell acknowledges. "So I've always had a whole bunch of names. I'm used to it and I just embrace it now. Ryan Seacrest found out about them and decided to use them. But he found them on his own, no one told him. It is kind of crazy how the same names just circulate wherever I go."

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