Sarah Burbess by Greg Schlack/PME Records Sarah Burbess by Greg Schlack/PME Records
Sarah Burgess didn't even make the top 20 on American Idol last season, but odds are that more people remember the story of how she lied to her disapproving dad so that she could try out than can recall anything whatsoever about Gina Glocksen. So maybe it shouldn't come as a surprise that now that her Idol contract has expired, the 20-year-old has signed a recording contract and will be putting out her first single, a catchy R&B kiss-off titled "Didn't Matter That," on Sept. 20. "Whenever anybody tells me I 'lost' on American Idol, I tell them they ought to try it," she tells with a laugh. "Dreams that are too wild for me to even dream are coming true, and it's all because I 'lost' on that show." For a sneak listen to Burgess' freshman release, click here.