During a press conference call that was moderated with an iron fist, Antonella Barba was presented with little opportunity to comment on the photo scandal that was brewing while she competed on American Idol, but at the very least said, "The [pictures] that actually are me... are a part of my life that was exploited unintentionally and against my consent." That said, she admitted that because of it all, "My name is, I guess, more well known," albeit not in a manner she plans to capitalize on further. "I'd rather promote myself in a more classy way," she said, echoing previous talk that she would not pose for Playboy. "I want to look at all the offers... and sort out what's best for me."

In other Idol news, Diana Ross is working with this week with the top 12, each of whom will perform a selection from the Diana Ross and the Supremes songbook.