The Doozers The Doozers

Jim Henson's industrious (and very green) Doozers are back, this time via the new animated preschool series Doozers, set to launch Friday, April 25, on Hulu.

The Doozers were first seen on Henson's long-running kids show Fraggle Rock, which ran on HBO for much of the 1980s. For the reboot, Doozers will focus on four enthusiastic kids (the "Pod Squad") who live in eco-friendly Doozer Creek and engineer their dreams into reality.

Hulu has ordered 52 episodes of Doozers from The Jim Henson Company (Dinosaur Train) and DHX Media (Yo Gabba Gabba). The show launches with seven episodes on Hulu Plus, followed by a cycle of three more new episodes every third Friday (with some exceptions for holidays and special stunts). Episodes will also eventually appear on in blocks of five episodes.

Here's a first look at the episode "Vaccum," which follows the Pod Squad as they try to stop an invention from blowing bubbles all over Doozer Creek.

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