D. L.  Hughley D. L. Hughley

The most trusted name in news on CNN will soon be D.L. Hughley.

The comedian has inked a deal with the news net to host his own news-driven comedy show, Variety reports.

Following in the footsteps of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and now David Alan Grier (Chocolate News), and in an effort by CNN to break into the youth demographic, Hughley will offer a laugh-out-loud (hopefully), skewering take on global happenings in politics, entertainment, sports and pop culture on the show.

"D.L. is a very thoughtful, well-informed guy with unpredictable views, and I’ve always admired his comedy," said CNN's Jon Klein. "The basic premise of the show is, what if a guy like him was let loose in the CNN building for a weekend after the lights went off?"

The series, the title of which is being kept under wraps, will premiere Saturday, Oct. 25 at 10 pm/ET and will repeat Sundays at the same time.

Can D.L. bring the funny with the news? And what do you think the title is?