"Do you believe in ghosts?" is a pretty fun icebreaker, but it doesn't go that well for Henry (Matthew Macfadyen) when he questions Margaret (Hayley Atwell) about her beliefs in the supernatural on Sunday's episode of Howard's End.

In TV Guide's sneak peek of the episode, the pair are enjoying lunch with Margaret's younger brother Tibby (Alex Lawther) when Henry decides to ask if Margaret believes in auras and astral planes. She doesn't, but she doesn't like to say she doesn't believe in them.

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Henry clearly isn't used to a woman speaking her mind so honestly and admits that he's a bit out of his depth in this new company. We could have told him that from the beginning, but it's a good thing that he's catching on quickly. Margaret quickly assures him that she speaks to everyone, whether it's her office boy or the poshest of dinner visitors, so Henry shouldn't expect any special treatment.

Is he intrigued or put off by Margaret's ability to be straight forward though?

Howard's End continues Sunday at 8/7c on Starz.