Ever since Wes (Alfred Enoch) died under mysterious, fiery circumstances last year, How to Get Away with Murder fans have been trying to figure out what happened during the final days of his life and why it got him killed. This week, we'll finally solve that mystery!

TV Guide has the exclusive first-look photos of Wes' return, and it looks like at long last we'll get to see the meeting between Wes and Laurel's (Karla Souza) mother, Sandrine (Lolita Davidovich), that took place the day before he died.

Sandrine claims that she offered to pay Wes $100,000 to leave Laurel and that's what the meeting was about, but Frank's (Charlie Weber) B.S. meter went off big time with that excuse. Instead of finding the money Sandrine claims he took in Wes' secret hiding spot, Frank found a zip drive there instead. On it, Wes had a recording of his meeting with Sandrine, where she badgered him about his legal troubles with the Mahoney family. The very troubles that Laurel assumed her father had Wes killed for.

Alfred Enoch, <em>How to Get Away with Murder</em>Alfred Enoch, How to Get Away with Murder

Lolita Davidovich and Alfred Enoch, <em>How to Get Away with Murder</em>Lolita Davidovich and Alfred Enoch, How to Get Away with Murder

Is mommy dearest actually the one who murdered Wes? Or did Laurel get it right the first time, and it was actually her dad?

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