On Thursday's How to Get Away with Murder, Nate (Billy Brown) and Laurel (Karla Souza) take a trip to the morgue to see Wes' (Alfred Enoch) body, and as teased in the promo, they're completely taken aback by what they find.

So, what is it? Is his body gone? Did someone tamper with it? Did they merely have an epiphany about who killed him? Did he pop out like a Jack in a Box and was like, "JK, I'm alive!"?! (No.)

"[It's] a little shocking. Not what they expected," Brown tells TVGuide.com. "Everything that [Nate] comes across in this episode supports his suspicions that there's way more to this case."

Nate, of course, has been on alert after the medical examiner listed the official cause of death as smoke inhalation, changing her initial tune that Wes died before the fire. But even if the medical examiner is scheming with the DA's office, which seems obsessed with taking down Annalise (Viola Davis), Nate knows that, like Walter White, he has to tread lightly.

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"I truly don't trust anyone and I'm very circumspect of all situations," Brown says of Nate. "But I still work at the DA, so I have ... to be patient and stay the course. After this [episode], things will pick up a little. But I still have my own motives in this."

Billy Brown, How to Get Away with MurderBilly Brown, How to Get Away with Murder

What those motives are will reveal themselves in due time, Brown says, but he's glad viewers are finally getting to see Nate come into his own and for once resist helping Annalise, who may have burned (no pun intended) one bridge too far with him. "In the past, he was choosing his moments and weighing those options against what would better serve him in the long run, not short-term games," Brown says. "From a casual observer, that would be easily missed. He's always known who he is ... irrespective of the treachery or the personal justification from Annalise regarding her own actions."

Nate may have quit Annalise for now, but can he withstand her mother? Annalise's parents, Ophelia (Cicely Tyson) and Mac (Roger Robinson), return in Thursday's episode for their daughter's arraignment, and the former has a little chat with Nate about Annalise.

"It's a poignant moment," Brown says. "I had never met Miss Tyson before she joined our cast. She is such a treat to work with, really wonderful and it's a pleasure to have someone of her stature to take the time and come play with us in these episodes."

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.