Last week's How to Get Away with Murder revealed that Connor (Jack Falahee) was in the house with a passed-out Wes (Alfred Enoch) before it blew up and he was performing CPR on him. Or was he?

"It seems to me like he's doing CPR, but you gotta take everything with a grain of salt. He could've been doing anything," Falahee tells "There's been a theory that maybe he accidentally killed him and then tried to save him, and I'm like, 'All right.'"

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Thursday's two-hour finale will show exactly what Connor did in that basement — which gets complicated since, if you recall, he didn't have his phone on him that night. Falahee doesn't think it's "too obvious" for Connor to have killed Wes, because he doesn't think Connor hates him as much as he appears to. "I've always viewed the Connor-Wes relationship as this brotherly friendship," he says. "They make fun of one another. They have respect for one another and appreciate each other. I don't think that's necessarily the reason that Connor's reacting the way he has. I think he's been reacting that way because he cares about this person and now he's gone."

Wes' killer, of course, will also be revealed in the finale. Connor has been steadfast in his belief that said murderer is Annalise (Viola Davis) — "She called us to the house. The fact that the other students aren't as wary of Annalise gives me great pause," Falahee says — but the ultimate culprit will be very surprising.

"I don't really know anyone who could've predicted it," the actor teases.

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