You'd think that after stealing Stacy's therapy notes, House couldn't sink any further, but he found a new low: using a rat to woo a woman while manipulating her emotions with his ill-obtained insider knowledge. That and beating on people to get them to consent to medical treatment. OK, I get that the weekly appearance of a tumor is necessary to involve Dr. Wilson the oncologist in the story line as more than just a foil to House's sarcastic wit. Still, it makes me chuckle when the nasty little bugger rears its head in the course of a diagnosis. This week it signaled Hodgkins disease in Kalvin, a patient with full-blown AIDS who was also suffering from a slew of other ailments. Kalvin, in an unexpected coughing fit, spewed HIV-positive blood all over the demure-looking Cameron's face, getting it in her eyes and mouth and causing an AIDS scare. Next thing you know, Cameron is letting her hair down, getting high on crystal meth and jumping on Chase. All this in an attempt to embrace life now that she may be staring death in the face. Did you notice how at first there were like five specks of blood on her face and when the camera cut back to Cameron, she was covered in blood? Subtle editing. Given what happened, why didn't Cameron wear a mask when she later biopsied Kalvin's lung? Now she's playing the waiting game until her HIV test. Luckily we didn't have to wait too long for Stacy to figure out that House had read her file and for her to tell him that she doesn't want him anymore. Funny how House, who is so observant about everything else, including the Chase-Cameron affair, is quite oblivious to the fact that he's going about the Stacy thing all wrong. I guess love really is blind.