Hugh Laurie and Olivia Wilde Hugh Laurie and Olivia Wilde

House received the most votes — 33 percent — in a poll about what show most jumped the shark this past season. The poll, which included the four shows that drew the most mentions when we asked what shows jumped, drew more than 5,000 votes.

Earning the most votes after House, in descending order, were Grey's Anatomy, Heroes and Bones. One in 10 votes were for a fifth option that said the shows were equally deserving of the Jump the Shark label. Six percent of voters said none of the shows jumped.

Bear in mind, just hosted the poll. We're not taking sides.

Among viewers' main complaints about House? A Vicodin-fueled, hallucinatory hookup between the show's lead character and Cuddy. Some viewers also said they were tired of Olivia Wilde's 13, a character one reader, IsabelleG, described as "the most boring character ever to be on network TV and a huge drag on the show."

Despite House receiving the most votes (and no, there's no trophy of Fonzie on skis),  many viewers say the show is still going strong, or can come back.

"House did not jump the shark, but just lost focus," wrote HouseFan116. "It has never been the same since the new crew was brought on board. ... House needs to return to the original formula.  Bring back the banter between House and Cuddy; the longing looks with Cameron and House; clinic duty (those were some of the best scenes!); and of course more House and Wison. I hope this psychotic breakdown nonsense is done after two episodes and House returns to his same sarcastic, brilliant self!"

What do you think? Does House really need rebuilding?