House from the first season that I hadn't seen? What a nice treat for the second night of Hanukkah. Especially since the episode featured a pre-

Prison Break Dominic Purcell as an adoring husband who discovers that he's being cuckolded when his wife ends up with a potentially fatal and sexually transmittable disease. Great to see him out of the orange jumpsuit, but I swear he slipped into his Australian accent just once... not that I'm complaining all that much  I love a good accent. Also just love the way that Dr. House can get away with saying just about anything, no matter how politically incorrect. For example, while he's "riding" Eric: "Has it been worse lately? That rules out the race thing, because you were just as black last week." Or his potentially sexually harassing remark: "Good lord, are those real?" But my favorite line of the night was in response to a patient whose mysterious ailment caused her to sleep nearly 18 hours a day: "This much sleep indicates poison apples." Cute. Love when he brings out the sense of humor that lurks beneath all that gruff stuff. Angel Cohn

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