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First the kiss and now this! It's wedding day and House and Cuddy are shaking booty on the dance floor. She's in a slinky backless gown. He's in a tuxedo (and sneakers, naturally) and they're talking guest lists and chocolate fountains. For reals, as House likes to say. Fox would kill us if we spilled too much about this upcoming House episode but, OK, House and Cuddy aren't the ones tying the knot just yet. Of course, the way their romance is plowing ahead after six seasons of platonic simmer, it might be wise to keep your Monday nights free just in case.

So far this season, House (Hugh Laurie) and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) have cuddled, snuggled, snogged, fondled like 10th graders and played a hot round of sexy Boggle (i lobe you? Really, House?).

Since House and Cuddy have answers for everything, TV Guide Magazine barraged the actors who play them with snoopy questions in a penthouse suite of the Los Angeles hotel where the wedding scenes were being shot. There was plenty of giggling and flirty repartee, even as we asked the snoopiest question of all: Was consummating Cuddy and House's relationship the kiss of death for the series?

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TV Guide Magazine: Isn't this what killed
Moonlighting all those years ago? The two main characters got it on and their chemistry died, right?
Laurie: That show was different, as I recall. Those characters hated each other and didn't want to be together. House definitely wants to be with Cuddy and Cuddy is right there with him.
Edelstein: Right. House and Cuddy have worked together but never felt handcuffed. Though handcuffs are an interesting idea.
Laurie: Careful. I smell a land mine.
Edelstein: Besides, this isn't just the simple release of sexual tension.
Laurie: Not at all. It's the beginning of something and actually can bring much, much greater tension than a simple... release, as Lisa so bravely put it.

TV Guide Magazine: How shocked were you when executive producer David Shore shared the top-secret script pages that ended last season with your characters finally hooking up?
Laurie: We had a bit of a suspicion, didn't we?
Edelstein: Yeah, yeah. Cuddy and House couldn't just keep dancing around it forever and ever.
Laurie: But we didn't actually know how the scene was going to go.

TV Guide Magazine: Did it go awkwardly? You've worked together for so long, it's the equivalent — in the real world — of having to kiss one's office manager or something.
Laurie: I was going to say it was like sleeping with my sister, but that just...
Edelstein: That's just wrong in so many ways.
Laurie: In so many ways.
Edelstein: We had kissed before on the show, so we sort of got that out of the way several times. Like, OK, that's done. But the whole taking someone's pants off, as I had to do in the opening episode this season, was a bit more extreme.
Laurie: And you're doing it in front of 30 or 40 people, rather than just the two of us.
Edelstein: That's a lot of guys in jeans, arms folded, waiting for the scene where I have to take my robe off and stand there in a pair of nude-colored panties. I'd have to yell, "Private moment!" and they'd all sort of avert their gaze.
Laurie: Except that one guy.
Edelstein: Oh, God. This one random security guard showed up and had no purpose other than to stare straight at us.
Laurie: He was a fireman, actually, and he seemed certain a fire would break out right there between my...
Edelstein: Um, land mine!

TV Guide Magazine: Well, thank goodness for the laptop this season that kept you from showing us the full House, so to speak.
Laurie: It was a 17-inch laptop, by the way. Write that down. I don't want your readers to think I could get away with the 13-incher.
Edelstein: Can you write down that I'm blushing?

TV Guide Magazine: So what happens now? Given your characters are dancing at this wedding for an episode airing in January, it's safe to assume this isn't just a two- or three-episode fling.
Edelstein: They don't tell us. But yes, we know the relationship continues through a good part of the season. This is real for them. For Cuddy, certainly, it's something she couldn't avoid, though she's been trying to avoid it for a long time. For a while, she thought the one-night stand she and House had ages ago had dealt with this issue, but after House came out of rehab and was coming at her so strong, it changed something in her.

Online Bonus: How Hugh and Lisa spent their Summer Vacations

"I went on a European adventure," says Edelstein. "Five days in, I broke up with a boyfriend, then a volcano erupted. But I made myself live through it even though there were times I was feeling quite homesick. In the end, it was a very special trip that a lot of people never ever get to do, and I felt grateful." For Laurie, it was all work and no play. "I was an idiot and spent the summer making a movie," Laurie says about his forthcoming indie comedy, The Oranges, in which he has a May-December romance with Gossip Girl Leighton Meester. "I would be December," he says.

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