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Homeland's Claire Danes Reveals What Brings Carrie to New York in Season 6

And Mandy Patinkin reveals what we definitely won't see

Liz Raftery

It's no secret that Homeland is moving production (and the show's setting) to New York City in Season 6 - but now we finally know why.

Speaking on a Homeland panel at New York's Paley Center for Media on Tuesday night, star Claire Danes dropped a big spoiler about what brings her character, Carrie Mathison, to Manhattan. "She's in New York because Quinn is receiving therapy here," Danes said.

That's right, Homeland fans - not only is Quinn (Rupert Friend) definitely still alive, but it appears that he and Carrie are still some sort of a thing.

Rupert Friend, Claire Danes, Homeland
Stephan Rabold, Stephan Rabold/SHOWTIME

Other than Danes' revelation -- which drew a sharp, half-joking rebuke from executive producer Alex Gansa - the cast and crew were short on spoilers for Season 6. Gansa said the season will be focused on counter-terrorism efforts in New York nearly two decades after 9/11. "Homeland wants to objectively sit back and look at how scared we should be," he said. "I don't think Homeland wants to contribute to that fear. ... It's not going to be a story about a bomb going off."

Homeland: Quinn will be a "changed man" in Season 6

There are no known Islamic terrorist cells in the U.S. like there are in Europe, Gansa noted, so the show will tell a different story than it did in Season 5, which was filmed and set in Berlin. The entire season will be set in the interim between the presidential election and the inauguration, with the female president-elect, Elizabeth Keane (Elizabeth Marvel) caught in a tense transition of power as she prepares to deal with threats both domestically and abroad.

As for Carrie, she'll leave a job working with an organization that provides aid to Muslims and eventually gets drawn back into the counter-intelligence world that she was "destined" to work in, according to star Mandy Patinkin. The actor likens Carrie to a Vitamix in relation to his character, Saul. "Saul is smart, but not smart enough," Patinkin said. "He has good ideas, but can't bring them to fruition. But, if he puts them in a Vitamix, they will come out OK."

One thing fans can definitely not expect is for Saul to sing in Season 6. Despite Patinkin's own musical chops, the Broadway vet promises, "That is a sure way to jump the shark."

Homeland kicks off Season 6 on Jan. 15 at 9/8c on Showtime.

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