Criss Angel Mindfrea Criss Angel Mindfrea

For the sixth season of his tricks-and-treats series Mindfreak (Wednesday, 10/9c, A&E), illusionist Criss Angel throws open the doors of his new Las Vegas estate for a glimpse of life behind the magic curtain. "I bring a lot of my personal life into this season. The show takes place around my home," says Angel of the 22,000-square-foot spread he's dubbed "Serenity." "It's the first home I've ever owned, and it gives [Mindfreak] a whole different feel."

But don't expect Angel to vanish completely from the Strip. One of his stunts this season involves him walking up the facade of the Luxor—the pyramid-shaped hotel and casino where Angel performs his stage show 10 times a week. "I start on the ground with the public, and then I start walking up the side with no means of support," he says.

And with this season's expanded hourlong episodes, Angel will have more time to mess with his devoted fans' minds—or their mouths. "I have a scorpion that I make vanish and then literally appear out of a spectator's mouth," Angel says. "You won't believe the reaction that gets!"

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