All Hallow's Eve is finally upon us at last, which means you probably want to scare up all your favorite cinematic and small screen screams. And let's be real here: No Halloween is quite complete without a visit from the Sanderson sisters.

It's hard to believe that it's been 25 years since Hocus Pocus first summoned all the children to come out and play with Winifred (Bette Midler), Mary (Kathy Najimy), and Sarah (Sarah Jessica Parker) Sanderson as they put a spell on the townsfolk of Salem, Massachusetts. But unlike that witchy trio, the movie never gets old.

So, before you go out hopping on a flying vacuum or running amok amok amok to try and track down the film, we've gathered up the goods on where you can watch Hocus Pocus this Halloween. So rustle up your salt circle and continue on to find out where and when to see the mini-occult in action once again.

It's no magic book, but, hey, it'll do.


Freeform will be airing Hocus Pocus as parts of its annual "31 Nights of Halloween" extravaganza, with a special all-day airing event happening on the holiday itself. Here's a listing of the dates and times for those airings:

  1. Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 6:30pm/5:30c
  2. Saturday, Oct. 20 at 6:05pm/5:05c and 10:15pm/9:15c, with a special Hocus Pocus 25th Anniversary Halloween Bash premiering between those two airings at 8:15pm/7:15c
  3. Sunday, Oct. 21 at 3:30pm/2:30c and 7:40pm/6:40c, with Hocus Pocus 25th Anniversary Halloween Bash re-airing at 5:40pm/4:40c
  4. Monday, Oct. 22 at 6:10pm/5:10c
  5. Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 4pm/3c, following a 3pm/2c re-airing of the Hocus Pocus 25th Anniversary Halloween Bash
  6. Friday, Oct. 26 at 7:50pm/8:50c, followed by a 10:00pm/9:00c airing of Hocus Pocus 25th Anniversary Halloween Bash
  7. Saturday, Oct. 27 at 2:30pm/1:30c
  8. Sunday, Oct. 28 at 11:50am/10:50c and 9:10pm/8:10c
  9. Tuesday, Oct. 30 at 4:40pm/3:40c, following a 3:40pm/2:40c bow of the Hocus Pocus 25th Anniversary Halloween Bash
  10. Wednesday, Oct. 31 at 7:30am/6:30c, 11:30am/12:30c, 2:40pm/1:40c, 5:45pm/4:45c, 8:50pm/7:50c, and 12am/11c, with 1:40pm/12:40c, 4:45pm/3:45c, and 7:50pm/6:50c airings of the Hocus Pocus 25th Anniversary Halloween Bash in between.


Freeform also has the film available anytime for streaming through its site, for those with cable provider log-in credentials, and fans can also pay to watch the picture online at Disney Movies and/or Amazon.


For those who really want to return to the film in all its original glory, AMC Theaters is hosting a brief cinematic re-release of the film at theaters across the USA, starting on Oct. 26. Click here for more information about ticketing and participating locations.

Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimi, <em>Hocus Pocus</em>Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimi, Hocus Pocus