Hoarders Hoarders

This week's episode of Hoarders (Mondays, 9/8c, A&E) was every bit as fascinating as last week's Season 4 premiere. Billy Bob hoards toys (he was basically the male equivalent of last week's doll hoarder Phyllis, and accordingly received the circus-music score as he went through his collection). He had an amazing meltdown that involved him barking orders at the organizers, which ran counter to their objective (clearing out mounds of his stuff). In the end, his house looked less like a disaster and more like a tightly packed toy museum. Progress is progress!

Even more fascinating was Beverly Hills-dwelling Jean, who stopped cleaning until she was in over her head — literally. What made her organizing particularly crucial was the fact that the granddaughter who lives with her, Sabrina, was picking up some of Jean's habits (if not the hoarding then certainly the messiness). They found an old Christmas tree among Jean's stuff and cleaned up Sabrina's room considerably, improving the child's life and safety in the process. Let's hope the organizing experience helped Sabrina unlearn her messy habits.

Watch the hoarding influence trickle down: