Hillary Clinton completely let loose on Wednesday'sThe Tonight Show. While her appearance had "campaign strategy" written all over it, we loved seeing Clinton show off her fun, goofy side, particularly since this presidential campaign seems to be becoming more and more about charisma than qualifications. Now, Clinton has proved once and for all that she has both.

During a skit in which Clinton spoke with "Donald Trump" over the phone, Clinton could barely keep a straight face and kept laughing at every thing that came out of Jimmy Fallon's mouth. So now you know, if you really want to make Hillary Clinton smile, just say the phrase "tree puberty."

In between laughs, Fallon did manage to ask a few question regarding Clinton's political viability, including whether she's tough enough to be president. While Clinton said she is tough enough, the former secretary of state explained that there's much more to the job than that.

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"You've got to start with really understanding what people are going through and trying to figure out how you can help everybody have a shot at a future they deserve," Clinton said. "But there are problems in the world and there are, believe it or not, some people who don't agree with us and might want to cause some mischief. So you do have to be prepared to do it in a sensible way," added Clinton, throwing minor shade at Trump. "Not bullying, but with a little more diplomacy."

And Clinton didn't hesitate to ask the important questions. "Have you ever really touched [Trump's] hair?" she asked Fallon, before offering to let the host check if her hair is real. Clinton even presented her own impression of Trump.

"That was a good impression! If I need somebody, I'm going to call you," said Fallon.

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While Clinton vacillated often throughout the interview between serious political discussions and light comedy, she masterfully combined both when talking about her email scandal. "The most significant one that has come to light, because this was a really important issue and I had to talk about it on the email. And that is, I was asked if I could get gefilte fish into Israel in order for it to be used in time for Passover," said Clinton, adding she's a little hurt by how boring people find most of her emails.

"I think they missed the big headline. The headline should be 'Grandma Knows How to Use Email," Fallon said.