When you're one of the country's leaders you probably don't get too much free time to watch TV, and as we learned from a recent release of Hillary Clinton's e-mails, you probably also don't know how to keep track of when they air.

In one of the e-mails released by the State Department from 2010, Clinton asks an aide for reminders when Parks and Recreation and The Good Wife are on. We get it, Hillary! Watching TV can be complicated. That's why TV Guide's Watchlist is here to help. Fill it out, Hills! We'd love to find out what new shows she'll be into this fall.

Add your (or Hillary's) favorite shows to your Watchlist now and never miss an episode!

Coincidentally, both of the shows Clinton mentioned are fans of hers. On Parks, the character Leslie Knope hero-worshipped Clinton, and on The Good Wife this season, Peter will run against Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.