Hey, Fox execs, this is what you were waiting for: I am one of those silly fools who, for no logical reason whatsoever, never watched this show until about a month ago, when I FauxVo'd a marathon of Season 2 episodes. I was instantly hooked and mad at myself for not having caught on sooner. Let's hope I'm not alone. And now forgive me for the gaps in my AD history knowledge.

There's a lot to take in for one little half hour, for the characters and viewers: Michael learns that Oscar's in prison while George is in Blue Man Group (two cameos in a row for these guys after last night's Emmys); Gob's got a long-lost son, who happens to be Maeby's old crush, theater-loving "Steve Holt!" from Season 1 (thanks, Netflix!); Lucille learns that going off postpartum-depression meds is harder than that "scientist" Tom Cruise thinks; Barry learns that prostitution is as good a living as being the Bluths' attorney (so long, Henry Winkler!); and Lindsey learns that, um, at least Kitty's out of the picture. But Michael's still blissfully ignorant of George Michael's big little secret. Maybe they'll have time for that father-son chat while they're being kidnapped by George.

My favorite throwaway lines of the evening:
1) "That's not a Volvo."
2) "Make the biggest little mistake of your life in Reno."

Damn, there were about 100 others I didn't get a chance to copy down, but far be it from me to complain about a TV comedy actually having quick wit.