Milo Ventimiglia in Heroes by Trae Patton /NBC Photo Milo Ventimiglia in Heroes by Trae Patton /NBC Photo
You've been wondering,

we've been wondering, and you have to figure that Niki, Claire, HRG/Noah, Matt, et al, were wondering, too. At the conclusion of the Kirby Plaza skirmish on

Heroes' first-season finale, why didn't Peter just fly his explosive self up, up and away, instead of making Nathan take one for the team, as well? Presented by TV Guide with that burning question, series creator Tim Kring pauses before saying, "You know, theoretically you're not supposed to be thinking about that." When assured that viewers are, Kring confirms that - as many have theorized - radioactive Peter's other powers were "incapacitated" at that pivotal moment, and "somewhere in there is the explanation" for having Nathan grab his bro and do the "flying man!" thing. "But the real explanation is that we wanted Nathan to show up and [save the day]!" "Yes, I will admit that there's a very tiny window of logic there," Kring continues with a laugh. "But what can I say? It's requires the proverbial suspension of disbelief." Which, when airing opposite 24, a season finale is certainly allowed. - Matt Webb Mitovich, with additional reporting by Michael Logan