Benedict Cumberbatch is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly's Jan. 6 issue, in costume as Doctor Strange publicly for the first time.

The British actor is no stranger to big movies, appearing as villains in Star Trek Into Darkness and The Hobbit series, but this is his first time starring as a big-screen action hero. And it's a big role — an iconic superhero sorcerer from the Marvel universe.

Doctor Strange only began shooting in November, and EW reports that Cumberbatch was still working out the movements for the character's spell-casting.

"I'm thinking, there's going to be a huge amount of speculation and intrigue over the positioning of that finger as opposed to it being there, or there," he said. "And I'm still working on that. We haven't played any of those scenes yet. I felt really self-conscious. But, then, by the end, it was great. It's like anything, you just have to experiment."

Take a look at the cover:

Doctor Strange is slated for release on Nov. 4, 2016.