Quarterlife by Elisabeth Caren/NBC Quarterlife by Elisabeth Caren/NBC
The when: The series makes its broadcast premiere on NBC Tuesday, Feb. 26. at 10 pm/ET. (Also see related story in Interviews & Features.)

Why watch?: If you want to see where original TV content is headed in the next few years, Quarterlife will be a perfect introduction. Developed for the Internet in eight-minute webisodes that began airing last November on MySpace, Facebook and Quarterlife.com (among other sites), Quarterlife explores the trials and angst of six twentysomethings in Los Angeles. Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick, who are known for their sensitive and accurate portrayals of characters from shows like thirtysomething and My So-Called Life (isn't that enough reason for you to watch?), have created a world of blogging, modern technology-savvy people that grow on you with each episode. If you're in your twenties (or remember them well), you'll be able to relate to Dylan and her unrequited love and crazy boss issues, Debra's unhealthy dependence on her family problems, Lisa's low self-esteem and binge-drinking episodes, or Jed's desire to do what makes him happy versus what will make him money. Hit any nerves yet? It did for us. Who's who: Dylan is an associate editor at a flashy magazine, but she's anything but flashy. Actually, she's a mess. A pig-pen. She video-blogs on Quarterlife.com (a real social networking site created by the producers) about all her friends' secrets as well as her own. She's in love with Jed the budding filmmaker, but Jed is in love with Debra, the girl who still works for Daddy and is scared of her own shadow. Debra is in love with and dating Danny, Jed's filmmaking partner. Danny is a pig, and loves Debra but can't keep it in his pants. We also have Lisa, the bartender/wannabe actress/singer who is the sexy, self-destructive girl in the bunch. To round it out, we have Kevin, who lives in the basement and edits the boys' films... the resident geek/comic relief. What's next: It all depends on how well viewers take to the show. Be sure to tune in! Say what?!: Devon Gummersall, who played sweet Brian on MSCL, wrote two of the six episodes of Quarterlife, and his brother Josh is a producer on the show. What do you say? Will you tune in to see Quarterlife on TV? And do you have any interest in exploring the website as well? Use our Online Video Guide to "read ahead" and check out Quarterlife's first few episodes. More strike recovery guidance: " Day by Day: When Your Favorite Shows Will Return " What Will Ghost Whisperer Scare Up Next? " Desperate Housewife Teases "a Lot of Juicy Stuff"